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Managing the network bandwidth for Mac

Within Syncplicity, you can set specific bandwidths for your networks uploads and downloads to avoid having the Syncplicity app use too much of your available network bandwidth. By default, there is no set limit unless your company admin has specified one. bandwidth_4.png

Enterprise network settings are based upon the network policy rules set by your company administrator. For example, if your company admin has specified a set bandwidth upload speed of 24, you can only enter a speed lower than 24.

Set network bandwidth limits

To set bandwidth limits for your specific network type, in Mac:

  1. Connect the network for which the bandwidth settings will be applied.
  2. Click the Syncplicity icon () in the Mac taskbar, and select Preferences.

  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the checkbox for the upload and/or download and specify the bandwidth limits between 1 - 999. By default, the maximum speed is 1000 Mbit/s. This will apply to these network types (in this example, all Public networks).

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