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Viewing and managing folders and files for Mac

Accessing folders and files shared by others

From the Finder window on your Mac, navigate to the Syncplicity folder location where you choose to synchronize folders shared with you by other users. These folders and files are accessible to you locally on your Mac.

All synchronized folders and files are marked with a green check mark ( or Synchronized_file_check_mark_2.png).

View folders from the Syncplicity Task Bar

A full list of all folders synced with your Syncplicity account can be viewed by following these steps:

  1. Click the Syncplicity icon () in your menu bar.
  2. Choose Folders Owned by Me.
  3. Review the list of folders. Folders with a check mark are syncing with this computer. Folders without a check mark are in your Syncplicity account but are not synchronizing with this computer. Selecting a folder from this menu allows you to start or stop synchronization, delete it from your account, or share it with others.
  4. Repeat the previous step for Folders Owned by Others.

Changing the location of a synchronized folder on my Mac

To change a folder location:

  1. Click the Syncplicity icon (Synchronized_folder_check_mark_4.png) in your menu bar.
  2. Under Folders Owned by Me or Folders Owned by Others, select the folder you wish to change. A dialog box appears with the default location.
  3. Enter a new path to the folder or select the Change button and browse to the location where you want to save the folder or enter the path to the folder.
  4. Click Add to this device.
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