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First-time user experience

The first-time you launch the Syncplicity application, you are shown a tutorial.

Synchronizing a folder

After installing Syncplicity, you are presented with a window where you can synchronize each folder in your Syncplicity account to your Mac. You also have the option to add the folders from the Syncplicity cloud. These windows also appear when you create a Syncplicity folder on another computer, or when someone shares a Syncplicity folder with you.

Adding files and folders

Select the Add to this device button to synchronize the files and folders within this Syncplicity folder to the location on your Mac that you have selected. You can select a different location using the Change location button.

Removing files and folders

Select the Remove from this device button to have the folder remain in your online account but not be synchronized with your Mac.

You can also select Delete to remove the Syncplicity folder and all of the files and folders inside of it from your Syncplicity account. The files and folders remain on your Mac and any other computer that you are synchronizing, but they are no longer synchronized by Syncplicity.

When done, your changes are saved and your computer automatically begins to backup and synchronize your files. The Syncplicity taskbar is now displayed in the menu bar.

You can access the Syncplicity taskbar at any time by clicking the Syncplicity icon in your Mac taskbar. Click here to learn more about Using the syncplicity taskbar.

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