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Managing warnings and error notifications

Managing notifications from Syncplicity app

If during the syncing process the Windows client is not able to sync certain files, a red warning sign will be displayed in the Syncplicity taskbar.

Click it to open the Items not synced dialog. You are able to filter the results by:

  • Reason for the notification
  • What operation triggered the notification
  • Error type
  • Text

If you do not want to receive notifications for a certain file, select the file from the list use the Show warnings for this file radio button to turn them off.

Managing error notifications from Windows Registry

Administrators can disable specific error notifications from the Windows Registry. The location of the registry key containing the values should be \Syncplicity\1.0\SyncStatus

To disable an error notification, add a DWORD value entry to the registry key and set it to 0. Entries which are not present in the key, or which are set to 1, do not disable the respective notifications.

  1. Open the Windows Registry Editor and navigate to \Syncplicity\1.0, right-click and choose New > Key, naming it SyncStatus. If you already have it, simply open it.
  2. Right-click in the key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) value. Then select a name for it from the list below. The name indicates the notification which will be disabled.
  3. If needed, set the value of the entry to 0 (it should be set to 0 by default).

The following list contains the entry names for the sync status notifications you might want to disable.

Notifications for errors during download Notifications for errors during upload
  • PathTooLongDownload
  • InvalidPathDownload
  • UnanticipatedDownload
  • NetworkErrorsDownload
  • CanNotModifyDownload
  • UserModifiedInReadOnlySyncPointDownload
  • UnsupportedAttributeDownload
  • ParentFolderMissingDownload
  • DriveIsFullDownload
  • FileInUseDownload
  • BranchedDownload
  • ConflictingFolderDownload
  • ConflictingFileDownload
  • InDLPScanQueueDownload
  • DLPSensitiveDownload
  • CertificateRequiredDownload
  • FileTooLargeForDriveDownload
  • PathTooLongUpload
  • UnanticipatedUpload
  • NetworkErrorsUpload
  • UserModifiedInReadOnlySyncPointUpload
  • UnsupportedAttributeUpload
  • BranchedUpload
  • CertificateRequiredUpload
  • OverQuotaUpload
  • TooLargeForRemainingQuotaUpload

Here's an example of a SyncStatus registry key with 3 notifications disabled.


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