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Windows client known issues

In this topic you can find all known issues related to the Windows desktop client and possible workarounds for them:

  • Windows 8.1, 64-bit: Thumbnails for some Microsoft Office files may not be generated. Workaround: If possible, upgrade to Windows 10, where thumbnails for all files are generated successfully.
  • Windows client 6.3.0: If Anti Virus Scanning is enabled and a user tries to sync a folder with an infected file, or make an infected file as available offline, when this is disallowed by the AVS policy, an unknown error pop-up is displayed. However, the client tries to download the file again afterwards. Workaround: Please upgrade to the latest Windows client version, where this issue is fixed.
  • If Anti Virus Scanning is enabled and a folder with an infected file is synced locally, there is no overlay icon indicating that the file is infected. However, if your AVS Policy prevents you from making infected files available offline, once you try to, the file will be stuck in syncing state.
  • When making a call to retrieve storage quota information, the server is only returning proper information for the default storage endpoint.

  • When viewing Storage quota information, users who have data for previous versions or deleted files, may experience wrong available storage info (available quota). Usually the actual available quota is 20 to 50 mb less than the information displayed. If there is no data in previous versions and deleted files, the available bytes are displayed correctly.
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