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Sharing a folder

As described in Understanding synchronizing and sharing folders on Windows, you can share a folder and all the files and subfolders in it. You also can manage the participants. This topic describes what happens when you are the recipient of a shared folder and how to perform the following options:

  • From Windows File Explorer:
    • Share the folder 
    • Manage participants
  • From the Syncplicity taskbar
    • Share the folder 
    • Manager participants
  • Reshare folders as a recipient

Syncplicity Enterprise Edition (EE) and Business Edition (BE) users may have policy restrictions, set by their administrator, that prohibits sharing with non-company users.

Share the folder

As the owner of a folder, or editor with resharing permissions, you can share a folder and manage participants from the Windows File Explorer.

You can share a folder from Windows File Explorer by right-clicking on a folder and selecting Share folder.

Alterntively, click on the Sycnplicity icon in the Windows taskbar and select Manage from the Syncplicity taskbar. Then select Share folder.

  1. A Share with others dialog pops up. Enter (or cut & paste) the email addresses of the participants you wish to share the folder. Optionally, for users who have the Groups feature enabled, enter one or more group names. 
    NOTE: Policy restrictions may prevent sharing of files to specific email accounts.

  2. Select the Editor drop-down to set the permissions. You can restrict specific users to have read only access with the Reader permission or grant users to have Editor permission which allows them to modify files and folders within a shared folder. 
  3. Optionally, you can add a message for the recipient when they receive the shared link.
  4. If you are the owner for the folder and folder resharing is allowed, select Edit (at the bottom of the page) and specify who can share the folder.
    • Only me: Specifies only the Owner of the folder can share the folder and disables all sharing permissions for all participants that can share. 
    • Specified participants: Only the specified participants can share the folder.
    • All participants: (Default) Specifies that all participants can share the folder.
  5. Click Share. Once the folder is shared, a notification displays that lets you know the folder has been shared.

Once the folder is shared, a folder with a blue person will be displayed indicating that multiple users have access to it. The overlay icon indicating state of the folder - whether it is available offline or not - remains visible.

Keep in mind that if you have a customized icon for your folder - like the icons used for Documents, Pictures, Music, etc. - they will be switched to a standard "shared folder" icon both for you and the participant you shared it with.

Manage participants of a shared folder 

From Windows File Explorer right-click on the selected folder, then select Manage Participants

From this page, you can:

  • Change the permission (Reader or Editor) by selecting the drop-down arrow to the right of the participant.
  • Add additional participants, by selecting the Add participants button.
  • Change who can share the folder by selecting Edit (at the bottom of the page). This is only available to the Owner of the folder. If the option Specified recipients is selected, a Can share checkbox is displayed next to each participant and you can choose who has resharing rights. 

Recipients of shared folders

If you are the recipient of a shared folder, you have access to the folder if you have a Syncplicity user account or when the Syncplicity client is running. As the recipient of a shared folder, you receive a notification in your inbox. You simply log in and follow the instructions on the screens.

TIP: If you do not have a Syncplicity account, you are prompted to create a temporary account with an email address and password to access the shared folder. 

Reshare folders

Depending on the Owner's settings and policy settings, a participant is permitted to reshare folders with others. 

TIP: If you are not the Owner and have Reader permission, you only can grant Reader permission to other users.

The external sharing policies are honored with the resharing of folders unless specific restrictions have been set by your company administrator.

For more information about external sharing policies see the Folder sharing policies.


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