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Managing your network bandwidth

 → Settings →  Advanced → Manage bandwidth

Within Syncplicity, you have the option to set specific bandwidth for specific network types and/or pause the synchronization for non-corporate network types (Public, Private, Metered). By default, there is no set limit unless your company admin has specified one.

Set network bandwidth limits

To set bandwidth limits for your specific network type, perform the following steps:

  1. In Windows, select Settings, then select the network type for which the bandwidth settings will be applied:

  2. Open Syncplicity, and select Settings → Advanced → Manage bandwidth limit.
  3. Select the option to limit the upload or download speed.
  4. Enter a number, then select OK.


TIP: Enterprise network settings are based upon the network policy rules set by your company Admin. For example, if your company admin has specified a set bandwidth upload speed of 24, you can only enter a speed lower than 24.

Pause the client

You can select the Pause the client on networks of such type check box to pause the current network (listed as Type). Keep in mind, you will be paused each time the client detects this type of network until you remove this selection.

Use case: If you are on a Metered network, and you select the option to pause the client, when you go to the Syncplicity tray icon to resume, it will be resumed; although, the next time you have a Metered network connection, you will, once again, be paused. If you do not want to be paused each time you have a Metered network connection, you must remove the pause setting.

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