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Token expiration requires reentering credentials

In certain cases, when the Windows client is inactive for several days, the application shows a dialog "Your session has expired. Log in to continue" and you are asked to log in again. This may also happen in case Syncplicity detects suspicious activity on your account.

This is an additional security measure and does not imply any problem with your credentials, activity or account validity.

Additionally, your company administrator can configure on Windows a time-to-live (TTL) setting for the storage vault authentication (SVA) token. This setting indicates the maximum time a token is valid. If TTL is configured and the token expires, you are prompted to reenter your authentication credentials:

  • The next time you want to access SVA-protected content.
  • If you already are accessing SVA-protected content.

Content uploads and downloads that are in process when the token expires are completed successfully.

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