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Syncing and unsyncing folders and files

From Windows Explorer, you can synchronize or stop synchronizing the content between your computer and your Syncplicity account. This enables you to share with others.

Synchronized folders are accessible from your other computers and devices using Syncplicity clients. You also can access your synchronized folders from the My Syncplicity web site. For more information, see Understanding synchronizing and sharing folders on Windows.

Synchronize a folder in Windows Explorer

To synchronize a folder in your Windows Explorer to your Syncplicity account:

  1. Navigate to a folder in Explorer.
  2. Right-click the folder and select Add to Syncplicity.

Syncplicity synchronizes the folder and overlays the folder icon with a graphic to indicate it has been added to your Syncplicity account. All files in the folder are synchronized to the cloud and available online, except files whose type is excluded from synchronization.

Other computers you use with the Syncplicity client display a dialog box asking if you would want to synchronize the folder.

Any trailing spaces in file or folder names are truncated. Also, you cannot upload files with file names that contain the following characters: \ / | : * " ? < >

Synchronize folders with Add Folders window

You can synchronize some or all folders in your Syncplicity account to your computer using the Add Folders window.

  1. Right-click the Syncplicity icon in your Windows taskbar and select Add folders from Syncplicity cloud. This opens the Add Folders window.
  2. Select the folders to add or click Select all.
  3. Click Add to this device.

Synchronize a folder shared with you

When another user has shared a folder with you, Syncplicity enables synchronizing the folder to your desktop or keeping the folder in the cloud.

When the Syncplicity Add Folder window is displayed, select:

  • Add to this device to synchronize the folder and its contents to the SyncDrive on your computer.
  • Keep in cloud only to maintain the folder in your online Syncplicity account. The folder is not synchronized to your computer.

The Syncplicity client does not support synchronizing to mapped network drives, external storage devices and removable storage devices. For more information, see About file synchronization on external drives.

Stop synchronizing a folder

To stop synchronizing a top-level folder in Windows Explorer:

  1. Navigate to the folder in Explorer.
  2. Right-click the folder and select Remove > Remove from this device.

Selective synchronization and exclusions

To exclude some items in a folder from synchronizing, such as a file or a subfolder, in Windows Explorer:

  1. Right-click the file or folder in Explorer.
  2. Select Exclude
  3. Choose to exclude the specific file or all files of that file type. Your file or folder is no longer synchronized to your account and the synchronization overlay graphic is removed from the file or folder icon.


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