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Anti virus scan on Windows

The AntiVirus Scanning (AVS) feature in Syncplicity allows you to connect Syncplicity to an AVS Engine for scanning of new or historical files and the subsequent control of actions within Syncplicity. Specific files, e.g. ones that have been classified as infected or that have not yet been scanned, might not be available for sharing or a warning message might appear, depending on the AVS policy set by your administrator.

If your company's AVS policy prevents you from sharing specific files, when you try sharing such a file or a folder containing a such a file, you will get an error message.

In case your AVS policy specifies that the action will be audited, then you are warned about it. You have the option to continue or to cancel.

If the AVS policy for "Access via folder" for pending or infected files is set to "Warning", the file can stil be made available offline for users who already have access to it. If the "Access via folder" setting is set to "Disallow", when a user tries to make it available offline, the file will be stuck in syncing state.

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