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Single view of all Syncplicity folders

When using Syncplicity on Windows, all folders are in a single place. The Manage Folders window is accessed through the Syncplicity taskbar. You can also navigate the Syncplicity folders in Windows File Explorer. In both places, you can right-click on a menu to perform actions such as starting or stopping synchronization.

Use the Manage Folders window

Click Manage on the Syncplicity taskbar to open the Mange Folders window and view all of your Syncplicity folders: SyncDrive, local, and remote. From here, you can:

  • Filter folders by location 
  • Filter folder by name
  • Stop folder synchronization

Filter by location

When you open the Manage Folders window, the default setting is viewing all folders in all locations. There are three locations, and you can filter by each.



LocalThe folders that are locally mapped on your computer.
RemoteThe unmapped folders that are available for local mapping.
SyncDriveThe folders that are converted for on-demand access on the desktop.

To discover a folder's location, select a folder to reveal the type (location) on the right of the Manage Folders window.

Filter by name

If you know a folder's name, you can filter by name using the filter-by-text search field. Start typing text in the field to begin filtering

Stop synchronization

The Manage Folder window allows you to stop synchronization of folders, changing them to unmapped folders. To do this, right-click a local or SyncDrive folder and click Remove from this device.

A SyncDrive folder remains in the SyncDrive location, but the folder metadata is no longer synchronized to your computer.

Use Windows Explorer to manage Syncplicity folders

By default, a drive named Syncplicity (your SyncDrive) is mapped to the S: drive on your computer. If already in use, the next available drive letter is used. Use Windows Explorer to view your Syncplicity folders on the drive. Depending on the policy set by your Syncplicity administrator, all Syncplicity folders – the same as in the Manage Folders window – are available in Explorer. However, there are fewer folders if your administrator has set policy to show only mapped folders in Explorer. The following table describes the type of folders in the Syncplicity drive:



To open


File folderFolders in the Syncplicity drive (SyncDrive folder type).Double-click to open folder on your computer in Explorer.Always available in Explorer. 
ShortcutAll folders and shared subfolders that are synced locally on your computer.Double-click to open folder on your computer in Explorer.Always available in Explorer. 
Internet ShortcutRemote folders that are in cloud storage but that are not synchronized on your computer.Double-click to open folder in your account in a browser.Available in Explorer if your administrator has set policy to show all folders (mapped and unmapped).

To synchronize a folder, right-click on a folder and select Add to this device.

To stop synchronizing a folder right-click on a folder and select Remove > Remove from this device.

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