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Open with Office Online

Syncplicity Office Online enables you to view and edit documents from your web browser without using a local Microsoft Office program. This topic describes options for opening and editing Office documents online.

Option 1

  1. In Windows Explorer, right-click a synchronized Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file and select Syncplicity - Open in Office Online.
  2. If the file is locked:
    • Click Unlock and open if you are the file owner, or
    • Click Open as read-only to open the locked file for viewing only, or
    • Wait until the lock expires and try again.
  3. If you have opened the file for editing, click Edit in Browser at top right.
  4.  Select File > Exit when you are done. 

Option 2

  1. Open a synchronized Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file in your local MS Office application.
  2. Expand the App Tab that is along the right margin. However, if the App Tab indicates the file is locked and you do not want to wait until the lock expires, you can continue but any edits you make are saved in a separate copy of the file.
  3. Click Open in Office Online.
  4. Click Edit in Browser at top right.
  5. Select File > Exit when you are done.


  • When the file is synchronizing, and you try to open in Office Online, you receive a message to wait until the file is synchronized.
  • If you have unsaved changes you receive a notification to save your changes.
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