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Working with folders and files in Windows

You can view and manage folders and files from Windows Explorer and the Syncplicity Manage folders window.

View folders in Windows Explorer

To view folders and files from Windows Explorer:

  1. Click the Syncplicity icon in your Windows taskbar to open the Syncplicity client taskbar.
  2. Click Syncplicity in the taskbar.

This opens Explorer to the local folder synchronized from the cloud that are shared or added from other computers. You also may have folders in other locations on your computer.

Syncplicity overlays the folder and file icons with a graphic that indicates their status. For detailed information see the table in SyncDrive for Windows users.

Image thumbnails in Windows Explorer

SyncDrive supports the display of thumbnails for images in PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF formats. Once you open a folder containing image files, which are kept online, the thumbnails are automatically generated. As this information is cached, the same will be indicated with the green checkmark overlay icon.

In some cases the generation of the thumbnail can cause the whole image to be downloaded. If you are worried about the network traffic this (or the thumbnail generation in general) requires, we suggest you change your Syncplicity bandwidth limits settings and pause syncinc on public networks. See Managing your network bandwidth for more information.

  • Generating the thumbnails requires some data to be exchanged with the platform. If the you are offline and visit a folder for the first time, thumbnails will not be generated.
  • The availability of thumbnails depends on your Storage Connector configuration. As a result thumbnails may not be available for pictures above a certain size or resolution.

View all folders on Manage Folders window

To view all folders in your Syncplicity account:

  1. Click the Syncplicity icon in your Windows taskbar to open the Syncplicity client taskbar.
  2. Click Manage in the taskbar to open the Manage Folders window.

The following are guidelines for using the Manage Folders window.

  • Double-click any folder to view its contents in Explorer.
  • Dashes (- -) in the Size column indicates the size has not been calculated.
  • Folders appearing in red indicate that they are out of space. There is also a No storage available message on the right of the window. In this case, you cannot upload any files to this folder. Instead, you can use the Email the folder owner link to contact the owner about the problem.
  • The options on the right of the window allow you to manage the folders, including syncing and sharing folders. You also can right-click on a synced folder to select the available options to manage that folder.
  • More options on the right side of the window provides advanced functionality, including Exclude subfolders for controlling selective sync of subfolders.


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