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Configuring app settings on Android

You can manage various Syncplicity app settings on your Android. Within Settings, you can change the options for your offline files and folders, storage, passcode, and MS office. You can also access online help and support.

To access your app settings:

  1. On the Home screen, select the Syncplicity icon to open Syncplicity. On the top left tap the triple bar icon to open the Syncplicity options screen.
  2. At the bottom right tap the Settings icon (mceclip0.png) to open the Settings screen. 

  3. View the options that have toggle buttons (enabled mceclip1.png or disable mceclip2.png).

The setting options are described in the following sections. 


Offline contains the following items:

  • Keep in Sync: By default, offline files and folders are synchronized, but you can disable synchronization.
  • Sync On: You can choose Wi-Fi and Cellular or Wi-Fi Only. This can be enforced by IT policy.
  • Data Transfer Limit: By default, there is no data transfer limit. However, this can be set by IT and applies only to data over a cellular network.
  • Event Notifications: By default, you are notified when items in Offline have changed, but you can disable the notifications.
  • Usage: Displays total and cellular bandwidth utilization for the billing period.


  • Cache Size Limit: Tap on the setting to set your cache size limit in megabytes or gigabytes. If you download a file exceeding your cache limit, the application requests you to increase the limit.
  • Clear File Cache: File cache stores all files you opened and downloaded. To remove the Syncplicity files stored on your device, tap Clear File Cache. You are prompted to clear the cache.

Set passcode

For extra security and safety, you can enable a passcode that must be entered to access the Syncplicity app. By default, you are not required to enter a mobile passcode; although, your IT may enforce the use of a passcode. When you enter an incorrect passcode more times than the number of times IT specifies, the Syncplicity mobile client wipes the device and clears all user data.

To use this option, tap App Passcode Lock and enter a passcode. 

Microsoft Office

Open Office Files in Microsoft Apps:

  • Enable to use Microsoft Office apps on your device for viewing and editing documents (requires a subscription to Microsoft Office 365; without a subscription, permission is view only).
  • Disable to use the Syncplicity native editor for viewing and editing documents.


The Help section has the following items:

  • Get Help: View the tutorial about various sections of the app.
  • Send feedback: Send app feedback to Syncplicity Support (report issues or submit an enhancement request).
  • Send Logs: When requested by Support, you can send them a log file. When selected, you are taken into a mail client with log file attached and email address pre-populated. Log files are helpful for Support to understand your issues.
  • Rate this app: Tap to rate the Syncplicity application using star rating system.
  • Privacy Policy: Tap on to view Syncplicity by Syncplicity Privacy Statement.
  • About Syncplicity: Tap to view Use of Services & Software.


Removes all data, such as files or folders marked as Offline and Settings, and restores the default settings. Logout is equivalent to a fresh installation of the app. Do not use unless absolutely necessary.

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