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About SharePoint and network share accounts on Android

If configured by your administrator, you can use your Syncplicity app to access documents stored in your company's repositories, namely SharePoint sites and network shares. These files are not part of your Syncplicity account. Essentially, your Syncplicity app can give you access to three types of accounts, where each account requires its own login:

  • Syncplicity account, where you can access your synchronized and shared folders and files.
  • Network share account, where your administrator provides bookmarks and access to network shares. Access to the home directory may also be provided in the form of a bookmark. Access to network shares requires the Syncplicity Enterprise Edition.
  • SharePoint account, where your administrator provides bookmarks and access to SharePoint sites. Access to SharePoint requires the Syncplicity Enterprise Edition.

The folders and files in each account are separate from each other. For example, folders and files within a SharePoint site do not appear in your Syncplicity app's Files navigation, nor do they appear in your Syncplicity app Offline or Activity feed. You must log in to the SharePoint site to see the folders and files, and any marked as Offline, in that site. The same is true for the network share account.

Each account has its own icon, which appears in the top bar. The icon remains in the top bar to indicate which account you are navigating.

  • Syncplicity: mceclip0.png
  • Network Share: mceclip2.png
  • SharePoint: mceclip5.png

Tap the account icon to show your accounts. If logged in to your Syncplicity account, you see Syncplicity. If your account is configured for access to remote files, you also see Network ShareSharePoint or both. 

Tap on Network Share or SharePoint to expand that account. If you have previously logged in, you may see a list of bookmarks. See Logging into a repository.

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