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Managing files in SharePoint on Android

  1. Go to the file you want to manage.
  2. Tap the context menu for that file.
  3. The contextual actions on files include:

    • Check out: Allows you to check out a file from SharePoint.
    • Check in: Allows you to check in a checked out file. A checked out file contains the  icon.
    • Discard Check out: The file is no longer checked out and any changes are not saved.
    • Open in: Allows you to open the file in a third party app (can be prohibited by IT policy). You can choose to open files in third party apps depending on the MIME type of the file, and if you have an app capable of reading that MIME type. For example, use Adobe Reader for Android to open PDF files. You may choose to use third party apps if the MIME type is not supported natively within the Syncplicity app or if you prefer using a specific third party app.
    • Offline:  Allows you to sync your files to your device for offline access.
    • Rename: Allows you to renames a file.
    • Delete: Allows you to permanently delete the file.

In addition, tapping the file opens it in the Syncplicity app. You can also open and edit Microsoft Office documents in the Syncplicity app. See Creating and editing Microsoft Office files.


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