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About the Syncplicity app and SharePoint on Android

You can access documents stored in your company’s SharePoint sites using your Syncplicity app.

Your administrator can bookmark SharePoint sites for you. When you log in to your Syncplicity app, these bookmarks appear in your navigation bar. In the following example, the bookmarked sites are PM and Sales.



Each SharePoint bookmark has the following icon: mceclip1.dat

The information icon, mceclip2.dat , is white when you are logged in to the SharePoint site and orange if you are not. You can tap this icon to display the SharePoint URL and perform the following actions:

  • Rename: You can change the name of the SharePoint site on your device.
  • Hide account: Stops the SharePoint bookmark from being displayed in your navigation bar.
  • Logout: Logs you out from the SharePoint site.


When you tap the SharePoint site in the navigation menu, you are prompted for your SharePoint credentials. After which, you can view the folders and files in that site.

If you have permission, you can check out and check in files, as well as open, rename, delete, and favorite files.

Folders and files in each SharePoint site are kept separate from the folders and files in your Syncplicity account. Folders and files within a SharePoint site do not appear in your Syncplicity app’s Files navigation, nor do they appear in Favorites or Activity feed. You need to log in to the SharePoint site to see the folders and files and any favorites in that site.

The Syncplicity app also allows you to add a site, which is a SharePoint location not bookmarked by your administrator.

For detailed information, review the articles in the SharePoint access section.

The SharePoint access feature is not available if you are using the Syncplicity Android app for MobileIron on a MobileIron managed Android device.

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