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About Syncplicity Insights on Android

The Syncplicity Insights feature assists you by providing:

  • Meeting Insights: Quick access to members of a meeting for file sharing. It helps you to send a file or a document during or immediately before or after a meeting with the meeting attendees.
  • Usage Insights: Status of your three most active folders when you have not used the app for a time longer than your typical usage.
  • Shared Link Insights: Notification that specific users have not downloaded a file from a secure link you shared after a specified amount of time. You are then prompted to send a reminder email through Syncplicity.

mceclip0.jpgYou can view the Insights messages by tapping the inbox icon at the top of any screen. This displays the Insights screen. 

Any Meeting Insights are shown first, followed by any Usage Insights and then Shared Link Insights.

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