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Adding a site on Android

If you wish to access a SharePoint site that has not been bookmarked on your device, you can add it yourself if you know the site’s URL and if you know the name of the Syncplicity Connector that accesses it.

    1. In the navigation menu, tap Add Site.

    2. Tap Choose Connector then select the Connector from a list.



     3. Enter the SharePoint URL.



     4. If you have previously logged in to a SharePoint site and you use the same username and password for this set, make sure that the Would you like to use your previous credentials to login setting is on then tap Login. Otherwise, turn the setting off and enter your credentials for the SharePoint site then tap Login.

    5. Optionally, you can change the name of the SharePoint site for your own use. The name appears on your device only.

    6. Tap OK to enter the site.

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