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Navigating in SharePoint on Android

To navigate a SharePoint site in the Syncplicity app, open your app and tap home. Your bookmarked SharePoint sites are listed in the navigation bar, as described in the About the Syncplicity app and SharePoint article.

Tap the site you wish to enter. You are prompted for your SharePoint username and password.

TIP: If you log in to multiple SharePoint sites with the same username and password, you can turn ON the Would you like to use your previous credentials to login setting.

Once you log in, you are presented with a list of folders and files. You can tap a folder to see its contents and navigate through the folders and files as you would with the folders and files in your Syncplicity account.

If the SharePoint site has a subsite, the subsite has this icon: mceclip0.dat . A subsite is a SharePoint site within a site collection. You can tap the subsite to view its Document libraries, folders and files.

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