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About Offline on Android

You can mark folders and files as Offline. When you do, the folder and its contents or file is downloaded and synced to your device allowing you to quickly access it when you are offline. When a file or folder is synced, it is stored both in your device and a Syncplicity cloud or a storage area designated by your IT department.

While the Syncplicity app is actively running either in foreground or background and your device is connected to the network, the folder or file is continuously synced to ensure that you have the latest content. Should you go offline, the content remains accessible on your device and is synced when you are back online.

Other than being synced, you interact with offline folders and files just like the other folders and files in your Syncplicity account. The contextual options for the offline files and folders remain the same, and you can search and filter your list of offline.

You should only offline folders and files that you frequently access. When you offline an overly large amount of content, it consumes space on your device and may take a significant amount of time to initially download and continuously sync.

You can temporarily offline folders and files. For example, if you need to access documents for an important meeting and you are concerned about internet access, offline those documents before the meeting to make sure they are fully synced, then you can remove them as offline after the meeting.

Should you offline a large folder or file, you may see a spinner on the folder or file indicating that it is being downloaded. You can continue to work within the Syncplicity app while the process runs in the background.

Offline folders and files are indicated by green check marks on the file and folder icons, as in the following graphics.

Offline file Offline folder



You can view your offline folders and files in different places, for example: 

  • Tap the hamburger icon at top left to open the navigation menu and then tap Offline to show a list of offline files and folders.
  • Tap FILES and then tap OFFLINE to show a list of offline items.
  • Tap Files and navigate the folders to see all folders and files, including those that are marked as Offline. 

If you are using the Syncplicity Android app for MobileIron, the files marked as Offline are not synced automatically. Manually sync your offline files and folders before going offline.

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