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Viewing and tracking shared links on Android

You can view the shared links that you have created by tapping Shared Links in the main menu.

If the link is a public shared link, it displays that it is a public link and when the link was shared.

If you have the Business or Enterprise Edition and the link is a secured shared link, you can view when the link was shared, who has downloaded your files, and what time the file was downloaded. If policy allows, you can also view where the download occurred.


At the top of the Shared Links screen, you can tap the menu to sort the list of links or to perform a search.

You can tap the menu next to the shared link name to perform the following actions on that link:

  • Copy link: Copies the link to your clipboard.
  • Reset password: Resets the password to a shared link. This option is not available if the link was not password-protected.
  • Delete: Removes access to the link. Recipients will no longer be able to download the file.
  • Follow: Allows you to view the downloads in your Activity Feed.

The list of shared links does not automatically refresh. To update the list, pull down the list.

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