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Contextual actions on folders on Android

There are various actions you can perform on folders. The contextual actions you can use on top-level folders differ from subfolders, as follows:

  • Only top-level folders allow the Follow and Activity actions.
  • The action for sharing a subfolder is slightly different than sharing a top-level folder, as described in Sharing a folder on Android.

Tap FILES in the main menu to view your top-level folders. Tap the context menu icon to the right of the folder you want to view. The actions you can take display, including: 

  • Share: Shares this folder with other users in your Syncplicity account. You can also manage the existing shared participants for this folder or share this folder with new participants. For details, see Sharing a folder on Android.
    NOTE: This action will not display in the menu if the unshared folder contains a shared subfolder.
  • Available offline: Syncs your folders to your device for offline access. For details, see About Offline on Android.
  • Follow: Keeps track of changes to any top-level folder within the Activity Feed. For details, see About activity feed on Android.
  • Activity: Provides a history of changes to any top-level folder.
  • Add: Uploads multiple photos, videos, documents, or any other files directly from your device to any folder, as described in Adding photos, videos and audio files on Android or creates a new folder as described described in Creating folders on Android.
  • Rename: Allows you to rename the folder.
  • Delete: Deletes the folder. You cannot restore a deleted top-level folder. For details, see Deleting folders on Android.


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