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Multi factor authentication on Android

Device multi factor authentication is enabled automatically for all free accounts. To get this feature activated, email or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Your company administrator may activate Device Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your account. When MFA is enabled, Syncplicity will assess suspicious login attempts from unconfirmed devices and may require users to first verify and confirm a device, before they can use it to access their account.

If upon login your mobile device is marked as unconfirmed, a notification is displayed asking you to verify your device before being able to use the Syncplicity Android client. An email informing you about the same is also immediately sent to your primary email address.

On Syncplicity for Android versions older than 4.10 the client notification is not displayed. Instead, the login process will be stuck in a loop. The email notification to verify the device is still sent, however.

Verifying your device

To verify your mobile device for use, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click Account, then Devices.
  2. Under Unconfirmed Devices find your mobile device and click Verify next to it. 
  3. In the Verify Device page click Send code. An email with a 10-digit code is sent to your primary email address.
  4. Copy the code from the email and paste it in the Verification code field, then click Confirm device.

For additional information please see Managing your devices.


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