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Meeting Insights on iPhone

The Meeting Insights feature helps you to share files during a meeting with the meeting attendees.

  • When you take a photo or create a document while in a meeting, a notification is triggered that prompts you to share the file with the attendees of the current meeting.
  • If there is more than one meeting, select the meeting to see the list of attendees.
  • If you choose to share the file with all or some of those attendees, the shared links interface is pre-populated with the email addresses of the meeting attendees. 
  • Meeting Insights is triggered when you upload one file, but not when you upload multiple files at once.
  • Meeting Insights is triggered 15 minutes after the meeting. This helps you to send files to all the attendees after the meeting ends.
  • Only one Meeting Insight is displayed in the list of insights.

When a notification is triggered for Meeting Insights, you can tap this notification to get list of meetings from which you can select one. If there is only one meeting, the notification is not there.

Once you select a meeting, you see the list of users. You select the attendees then tap Next. You can send a shared link to the document uploaded in the meeting from there.

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