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About activity on iPhone

The Activity feature, also called Activity Feed, provides instant access for you to review activity on files and top-level folders that you chose to follow. You can easily view relevant information and stay up-to-date with events listed in chronological order.

You can selectively follow the items that you care about or follow all items in your account. By default, no folder or file is followed.

To view your Activity, tap Activity from the main menu. The sections below describe the situations when you are not following any items and when you have activity.

The activity list does not automatically refresh. To refresh it, pull down the list of activities.

No followed files or folders

If you have not yet followed any items, the screen looks like this:

You can tap Follow All to follow every file and folder in your Syncplicity account. Afterwards, you can selectively unfollow specific items. Alternatively, you can navigate to those files and folders you wish to follow then open the menu and select Follow. You can choose to follow files and folders from different areas, such as Files, Activity and Favorites.

At any time, you can tap Unfollow All to not follow any file or folder and clear the activity screen.

Followed files and folders

If you have followed any items, the screen looks similar to this:

Events are listed in chronological order, with the latest activity listed first. With each file and folder, the number of updates is shown. Tap the file or folder to see the updates. The activities include creation, deletion and updates, along with who performed the activity and when.

Updates can be nested, so that a folder with multiple updates can contain folders or files with multiple updates. Tap any folder that has lists multiple updates to see the updates.

If you tap Unfollow for a file, it is no longer followed and removed from the Activity list. If you tap Unfollow for a folder, the folder and its contents are no longer followed and removed from the Activity list.

You can also perform the following actions on a file. Click the contextual menu icon to the right of the file name:

  • Versions: View all versions of the file.
  • Open In: Opens the file in any of the apps on your iPhone.
  • Share link: Create a shared link to the file.
  • Open: Opens the file in the Syncplicity app.
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