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Reading a PDF document on iPhone

With any Syncplicity edition, you can view, annotate, and add bookmarks when you open a PDF document in the Syncplicity app, version 3.2.0 or later.

When you open a PDF document, the top of the screen has a toolbar with these icons (from left to right), close, edit (opens the edit toolbar), search, bookmark, and menu options.

To enhance reading a PDF document on your device, you can view full pages, add bookmarks, search the text, and read any previously entered comments.

To view full pages only, tap the menu option icon () then tap View Full Page.


Bookmarks allow you to mark a page that you would like to revisit quickly at a later time. While on the page, tap the bookmark icon () in the toolbar. The icon changes color to white.

To view the pages that you previously bookmarked, tap the menu option icon () then tap Bookmarks. Tap the page number you wish to view. If you wish to remove a bookmark, tap Edit in the bookmarks screen, tap the page that you wish to remove the bookmark then tap Delete.


You can search for specific text by tapping the search icon () then entering the text you wish to find. You can also search in magnify view.

To magnify a section, tap and hold until you see the magnify lens. For example:

As you move the lens, you can spotlight specific words. Once you have spotlighted a word, let go. The word remains in focus and a popup menu appears. In the menu, tap Search to find other occurrences of the word.

The popup menu also allows you to copy the word, highlight it, or look up its definition.

View Annotations

To view any previously entered annotations, tap the menu option icon () then tap Annotations. In the Annotations screen, you can review, edit or delete the annotations.

When done reading, tap the arrow icon to close the document.

For information about annotating a PDF document, see Annotating a PDF document.

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