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Viewing shared folders on iPhone

The Syncplicity app provides the capability to quickly view shared folders by owner. However, this can be done only at the top-level folders.

Tap Files. In the list of top-level folders, tap the menu icon ( ) in the top bar to display the global contextual menu. Tap or pull down the arrow under Filters.


  • Tap Shared to view only shared folders (icon turns blue). With the Shared filter, you can choose to sort users by first or last name and sort the folders by in ascending or descending order. You can also choose to view the folders marked for deletion by tapping the Show Deleted Files button. 
    NOTE: Any deleted folders or files have these icons, respectively: mceclip1.png

  • Tap the X at the bottom of the screen to close the menu. You see a list of shared folder owner names. The names are shown either as a photo or the user’s initials.
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