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App first-time experience on iPhone

Once the Syncplicity app is installed for the first-time, open the app and enter your credentials to log in to your Syncplicity account. If you do not yet have a Syncplicity account, click here to learn how to set up your account by registering for one of the Syncplicity editions.

When you initially log in, you are presented with a log in screen. If you are logging in using a corporate account, simply enter your email address and tap Login. You may be taken through a Single Sign-on authentication process using your company's identity provider solution. If you are unable to log in through the app, you can tap Login with a web browser to log in through the My Syncplicity web site.

Once you log in, you see a tutorial for the first time only. The tutorial provides an overview of the features and shows a number of tasks that you can perform with the Syncplicity app. You can close the tutorial at any time. You can also see the tutorial again by going to the Settings screen and launching the tutorial.

Once the tutorial finishes, the home screen opens and displays your name and email address, your total storage and how much storage you have used. It also has a place to display your photo. To learn more about the home screen, including how to add your own photo, see the About the home screen article.

Swipe up or tap the arrow at the bottom of the home screen to access the various areas of the Syncplicity app. You first see the main menu screen with Activity, Offline, Files, Shared Links, and Add Content.

  • Activity (also called Activity Feed), lists the recent activity of the files and folders you choose to follow so you can stay up-to-date on the latest changes. The Activity area is empty until you select the files and folders to follow.
  • Offline (formally, Favorites) lists all the files and folders that you marked as Offline. The Offline area is empty until you mark files and folders as favorites.
  • Files lists all the folders and files in your Syncplicity account. Here you can add, edit, and remove content.
  • Shared Links lists all the files that you have shared with others.
  • Add Content allows you to start uploading files to your new Syncplicity account immediately. From here, you can also take a photo, create new file, and record a message and save them all to your account.


The dots on either side of your photo are navigation aids. From the main menu screen, you can click the dot to the right of your photo or swipe left to access the Syncplicity Insights feature, where you can view your most active folders, receive notifications if users have not downloaded a file from a secure link you shared after one day, and give you quick access to members of a meeting for file sharing.


From the Insights screen, you can click the dot to the left or swipe right to go back to the main menu. Tap the dot there to see an account screen, which shows Syncplicity and feature planned for a future release. In the Accounts screen, tap the settings icon to the left to view the Syncplicity app settings.

Each feature mentioned has one or more articles describing it in detail. Click here to see a list of the Syncplicity for iPhone articles.

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