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Contextual actions on files on iPad

Go to any file that you want to manage and tap the context menu for that file. The contextual actions on files include:

  • Follow: Allows you to mark the file so that you can easily check to see if there is any recent activity, such as the file is edited or downloaded. Tap the Activity Feed icon from the main menu to see a list of the files you chose to follow. For more information, see About activity.
  • Versions: Versions lists the versions for each file. Every time a file is added, edited, deleted or restored, a new version of the file along with size, timestamp and the user taking the action is recorded. You can open and view any version for a file and revert to any of the older versions. Tap Versions in the context menu to see a drawer containing the list of versions for a file.
  • Open In: Open In allows you to open the file in any of the apps on your iPad that can open this type of file. Once you tap Open In, you see the list of apps. Select the app you would like to open the file. NOTE: If you wish, you can go to another app and open files that are stored in your Syncplicity folders.
  • Share Link: Share Link allows you to create a shared link for this file. For details, see the Share a File article.
  • Copy: Copy allows you to copy a file from one folder to another in Syncplicity. When you tap Copy in the context menu, a drawer opens up containing this file. You can then "Drag and Drop" this copied file from the drawer to any destination folder and the file is pasted there. You can also cancel after copying and before pasting by canceling the drawer. Copy from file context menu only allows you to copy 1 file at a time. To copy more than one file, you need to use the copy option from the drop down bar.
  • Offline: Offline a file to downloads and sync it to your device. Any changes to the file are downloaded. Once Offlined, you can quickly open the file, even if offline. To offline a file, tap Offline. When you offline a file, the file shows up in the Offline list and have a filled-in Offline icon in the context menu. Once you have Offlined a file, you can remove the Offline it at any time.
  • Delete: Deletes the file. The file can be found under deleted items for the folder. You can delete the file permanently or restore it using the My Syncplicity web application.

NOTE: If you are using the Syncplicity app on an AirWatch or MobileIron managed device, your administrator can disable the Open In feature or allow Open In only to other managed apps. For MobileIron managed devices, you may be able to Share via secure AppConnect apps only.

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