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Adding photos, videos and audio files on iPad

You can add photos, videos, and audio files to a folder from inside the Syncplicity app. Tap on the + icon on main Navigation Bar or in the context menu of a folder to view the following options:

  • Capture and add a new Photo or Video and upload it to Syncplicity. Tap the Capture icon to capture a new photo or video and then upload the photo or video to a Syncplicity folder.
  • Record an audio file and add it to Syncplicity. Tap the Record icon to record an audio and then upload the audio file to a Syncplicity folder.
  • Upload an existing file, photo or video to Syncplicity. See Uploading files or Uploading photos and videos for details.
  • Create a Microsoft Office file (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and add it to Syncplicity. See Creating and editing Microsoft Office files for details.


You can also send files to your Syncplicity account from any app that supports the iOS Share feature - simply Share and look for the Syncplicity app. 

NOTE: If you are using Syncplicity app on an AirWatch or MobileIron managed device, your administrator can disable the camera on the device, which prevents you from capturing photos or videos.

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