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Filtering and searching on iPad

You can filter at the top-level based on the type of folder. At the top-level, you can filter by Private folders or Shared folders. Inside Shared folders, you can further filter by folders owned and shared by you, and folders owned by others.

By default, all folders are shown at the top-level. The screenshot below shows filtering at the top-level. You can tap the filter icon (mceclip1.png ) to see the filter bar and then tap the filter.



Sorting can be done at the top-level as well as the subfolder level. At the top-level, you can sort only by Name and in ascending and descending order by tapping sort.png .

At the subfolder level, you can sort by Name, Date Modified, Type and Size in both ascending and descending order. You can sort for both files and folders in the subfolder level.


Tap  search_icon.png  to search for a specific folder or file. When searching, Syncplicity searches only in the level where you performed the search. You can search in files and folders. Folders are ordered first and then files are shown.

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