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App first-time experience on iPad

Once the Syncplicity app is installed, open the app and enter your credentials to log in to your Syncplicity account.

  • If you do not yet have a Syncplicity account, click here to learn how to  set up your account by registering for one of the Syncplicity editions.
  • Log in with either your Syncplicity account or your Single Sign-on account. By default, the Log in using corporate account box is checked. If you are not a corporate user, uncheck this option to expose the password field. If you are unable to log in through the app, you can tap Login with a web browser to log in through the My Syncplicity web site.
  • If you are logging in using a corporate account simply enter your email address and tap Login, and you are taken through a Single Sign-on authentication process using your company's identity provider solution.
  • Once you log in, you see a tutorial for the first time only. The tutorial takes you through a series of steps that explains how Syncplicity works. The tutorial explains the home screen, sheet based navigation and mobile editing, which are the key features of the 3.x app. You can close the tutorial at any time.
  • Once the tutorial finishes, the home screen displays with all the tooltips for key actions explained. The Files and Folder navigation and Settings have their own tooltips to explain the available actions. You can skip the tooltips, but long tapping on any menu item brings the tooltip back.
  • Upgrading the app does not take you through the experience of viewing the tutorial and tooltips, unless you are upgrading from an app version less than 3.0 to 3.x.

The Home Screen of the iPad app is personalized to show your account information including your consumed storage, provides access to recently accessed files and folders as well as Syncplicity Insights™, a feature that increases user productivity by automating mundane tasks. Click here to learn more about the home screen. From the home screen, you can also:

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