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Latest client and server versions

The following tables list the latest versions of the Syncplicity clients and servers.

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Latest client versions

Make sure to always have the latest version of our client installed on your device. This ensures the best possible user experience and prevents you from encountering issues that are already fixed. 

Using an earlier version than the minimum supported one results in the following:

  • On desktop clients Syncplicity is switched to offline mode. You will be prompted every 24 hours to upgrade to a new version.
  • On mobile clients you will encounter various errors with your requests in the app.
  • In the Outlook Add-in for Windows you will be prompted every 24 hours to upgrade to a new version.

See the table below for a list of our latest client versions, the minimum versions to use, as well as links to download the respective clients.

Client type Client Latest Version Minimum Version
Desktop Windows client 6.4.1 6.1.1
Desktop Mac client 6.2.5 6.2.0
Outlook Add-In for Windows

Outlook Add-in for Windows

1.6.0 1.6.0
Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Universal Outlook Add-in for Office 365

10.4.3 10.4.0
Desktop - Secure Shared Files

FileSecure Lite for Windows
FileSecure Lite for MacOS

iOS app (iPhone and iPad)

4.11.0 4.9.0
  Android app 4.11.0 4.9.0

Latest server versions

See the table below for a list of our latest server versions, as well as the minimum versions to use.

Server type Server Latest Version Minimum Version
On-Premises Storage

Storage Connector OVA
On-Premises Microsoft Integration

WOPI Connector OVA

1.5.0 1.5.0
On-Premises DLP/AV

DLP/AV Connector OVA

2.0 1.2.1
AD Sync Tool

AD Sync Tool OVA

1.1.4 1.1.4

All Syncplicity Customers who have StorageVaults either on-premises or in their own private cloud need upgrade to Storage Connector version 3.4.0 or higher. To understand how to check the version of your Storage Connector, click here.

Customers using SecureTransport and Syncplicty integration must upgrade their “Syncplicity Connector for SecureTransport” connector to version 1.2.5 or higher.

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