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Configure file protection for Syncplicity Rights Management

If your organization has a Syncplicity Enterprise Edition license and has purchased Syncplicity Rights Management, your admin can configure the permissions for users that receive secure shared files.

  1. Select Admin → Settings.
  2. Under the Enterprise Edition Features section, select Configure Syncplicity Rights Management.
    The Configure Syncplicity Rights Management page displays.
  3. (Optional) By default, all recipients of IRM protected files who download the files to their desktop, must first download the FileSecure Lite Files client to be able to view the files. To allow users to preview and open shared files in a browser, without having to download and install the protected files ad-on, it is highly recommended that HTML Wrapping is enabled. For details, see HTML Wrapping for protected files.
  4. In the Protected Files Sharing Roles section, configure the permissions for the Reader and Editor roles by checking the appropriate boxes.



    View protected file

    Always granted to the users who can access the secure shared link.

    Edit protected files

    Always granted to the Editor role.
    Download protected files Allows recipients of a shared link to download proected content. Once downloaded, a Syncplicity plug-in for Office and PDF is required to view or edit the protected documents based on their permissions on that document.

    Allow web preview

    Allows users to view the protected file on the web from the shared link location.  This applies only to files stored in the cloud.
    Print protected files Allows users to print the file.
    Copy content from protected files Allows users to copy content from protected files to the clipboard.

    Watermark protect files

    All protected files display a watermark when printed or viewed.

    Allow screen capture

    The FileSecure Lite client/plugin on Windows does not support full control of the screen capturing behavior. Currently, the following screen capture rules apply:

    • For Windows, FileSecure Lite plugin, screen captures cannot be enabled in MS Office and cannot be disabled for PDF documents.
    • For Mac, FileSecure Lite plugin, screen captures cannot be disabled.
    • For online viewing via the web browser, screen captures cannot be disabled.

    Allow offline access 

    Allows users to access protected content when offline, for example, when they are traveling or out of the office. You determine the number of days the user can access the document while offline.
  5. Configure the access policies for shared links. See File sharing policies.
  6. Click Submit.


What to do next

Enable Syncplicity Rights Management for a policy set  to allow users in the policy set to send secured file links per your configuration.

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