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Enable Syncplicity Rights Management for a policy set

Syncplicity Rights Management is an Enterprise Edition feature that is paid per seat. As soon as a user who is entitled to Syncplicity Rights Management sends an IRM protected file link, a Protector seat is assigned to them and the number of used Protector seats for your Company account increases by one. Therefore, you should consider which user groups within your organization should use Syncplicity Rights Management.

  • You have a Syncplicity Enterprise Edition license.
  • You are logged in to MySite as a Global administrator user.
  1. Navigate to Admin → Policies.
  2. Select the policy set for which you want to enable SRM.
    • To enable SRM for all users in your Company, select the default policy set.
      NOTE: SRM is a paid service that is billed per user, so you might want to create a new policy for selected users only.
    • To enable SRM for selected user groups, create a new policy set based on the default policy set.
  3. In the Security secion of the policy, under File Sharing, select the Allow IRM protection check box.
  4. Save your changes.
    • If you selected the default policy set, click Save.
    • If you created a new policy set for SRM, add the user groups that contain the users for whom you want to enable SRM and click Finish.

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