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Enable Syncplicity Rights Management on on-premise Storage Vaults

Companies with Enterprise Edition accounts can subscribe to the Syncplicity Rights Management service. The service enables the support of secure shared files on cloud storage and on-premise StorageVaults through a cloud-based Rights Management Server hosted by Syncplicity. Secured shared files are an advanced security option that allows people who share content to retain control over it, even after the content is downloaded offline. To enable the operation of secure shared files, a Global administrator must configure Syncplicity Rights Management in MySite. 

  • Syncplicity Rights Management is enabled for your Company account by Syncplicity support.
  • You have a Global administrator account for MySite.
  • For On-premise StorageVaults configuration, you have obtained a public key from the Storage Connector administrator.
  1. Log in to MySite as a Global administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin → Settings.
  3. In the Enterprise Edition Features, select Configure Syncplicity Rights Management.
  4. Enable the Syncplicity Rights Management for On-Premise StorageVaults toggle.
  5. In the Enterprise Edition Features, select Manage Storage Vaults.
    The list of available StorageVaults opens.
  6. Click the on-premise StorageVault you want to enable SRM.
    The StorageVault settings open.
  7. In the list of tasks to the upper-right, click the link Enable Syncplicity Rights Management.
  8. In the Public Key box, enter the public key that you obtained from the Storage Connector administrator.
  9. Toggle the option Enable Syncplicity Rights Management on this StorageVault and wait for the connection test to complete.

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