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Configure Storage Connector to enable Syncplicity Rights Management

To enable the support for Syncplicity Rights Management on on-premise StorageVaults, a Storage Connector administrator must add several configurations to the syncp-storage.yml file.

Configuring keystore

Follow the steps below to create and configure a keystore that will contain the Rights Management keys.

  1. Create a keystore on the connector:
    /usr/bin/syncp-storage-irm-key --publicKey "~/" --keyStore "/etc/syncp-storage/keyStore.p12" --keyStorePassword "password" --privateKeyPassword "password"
  2. Set proper permissions:
    chown syncp-storage:syncp-storage /etc/syncp-storage/keyStore.p12   
    chown syncp-storage:syncp-storage ~/ 
  3. Edit storage connector syncp-storage.yml to configure it for keystore usage:
             enforced: false
             password: "password"
             file: "/etc/syncp-storage/keyStore.p12"
Updating additional parameters
  1. Log in to the Storage Connector virtual appliance as the root user.
  2. onfigure the following properties to the syncp-storage.yml file.

    Parameter Default value Description 60 Sets the timeout in seconds when writing file from storage to disk. 1200 Sets the interval in seconds to refresh pooled connections. 5 Sets the maximum number of IRM connections to keep active.

    /var/lib/syncp-storage/irm-cache Sets the location where IRM protected files are temporary stored on the Storage Connector false Enables/disables the Information Rights Management (IRM) proxy that is used in order to connect from on-premises Storage Connector nodes to a cloud hosted IRM server.   Sets the IRM proxy host name. 8080 Sets the IRM proxy port number.
Restart the Storage Connector

Once you make the necessary changes, restart the Storage Connector.

systemctl restart syncp-storage.service

What to do next

Enable the SRM on the StorageVaults. See Enable Syncplicity rights management on a StorageVault.

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