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Upgrade from Syncplicity Rights Management Windows client

Syncplicity FileSecure Lite is powered by Seclore, but version is only using some of Seclore's features. Due to Seclore's auto-upgrade feature the full Seclore desktop client may be automatically installed. This means upgrading from FileSecure Lite to or higher needs a workaround:

To uninstall Syncplicity FileSecure Lite version

  1. Search for Seclore in "Apps & Features" and uninstall it.
  2. Search for Syncplicity FileSecure Light in "Apps & Features" and click on Uninstall. Windows will not recognize the app as installed and will ask you to install it once again - do it.
  3. You can now safely uninstall Syncplicity FileSecure Light from "Apps & Features".
  4. Restart the machine after uninstall.

Once FileSecure Lite is properly uninstalled, install Syncplicity FileSecure Light - download the installer from here.

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