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About Syncplicity Rights Management

Syncplicity Rights Management is available for Syncplicity Enterprise Edition accounts only and is a separately purchased feature. To see if Syncplicity Rights Management feature is enabled, view your Company Info page.

Protection roles and permissions

The following table provides the roles and permissions for Syncplicity Rights Management:



  • Assigns Protector identities using Syncplicity Groups (the Protector email address is assigned to an rights management group) or, using the IRM Protected Policy.
  • Defines the following permissions for protected file sharing (Reader/Editor):
    • View protected files - All authorized recipients are granted this permission by default.
    • Edit protected files - Allow or deny modifying and saving the file content.
    • Download protected files - Allow downloading protected files. Syncplicity plug-in for Word or PDF is needed to view or edit downloaded files.
    • Allow web preview - Allow users to view protected documents in their web browser before downloading the file.
    • Print protected files - Allow or deny permission to print a document.
    • Copy content from protect files - Allow or deny permission to copy content from the file. 
    • Watermark protect files - All protected files display a watermark when printed or viewed. The watermark is defined on a per-customer level. 


    • Allow screen capture -  When recipients view a protected document, the Syncplicity client disables the use of operating system screen capturing tools and some common 3rd party screen grabbing tools. This feature also prevents protected content from being viewed over teleconferencing tools. Note, this capability is only available on the Windows platform with the full FileSecure Lite client/plugin installed. 
    • Allow offline access -  Recipients have the ability to access protected content when offline (for example, they are traveling or out of the office). You determine the number of days the recipients can access the document while offline. Enabling this will automatically enable "Download protected files" as well.
  • Authorized to send unlimited IRM-protected files, internally or externally, using a secure shared link
  • Authorized to revoke access to a file (remove link)
Protected File Recipients
  • Receive an email notification that includes a landing page
  • Option to download or view the protected file

TIP: For mobile users, it is recommended to view files online only. 

When unauthorized recipients attempt to open the protected file, they are denied access; although, they are given the option to email the file’s owner to ask for permission. The recipients do not see the owner’s email address or name.

When authorized recipients open the protected file, they can view the permissions granted to them. Authorized users also have the option to contact the file’s owner to request additional permission, such as a recipient asking to move them from the Reader role to the Editor role.

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