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Files on My Site appear in Pending scanning state


Files listed in the Online File Browser appear in Pending state that never changes. the DLP connector is unable to scan files.

The following error message appears in the DLP connector log file in directory /var/log/syncp-das/ on the DLP appliance.

Can't get messages from the queue. com.syncplicity.dlp.queue.QueueException: Can't get messages


The DLP Connector cannot retrieve messages from ActionMQ.


  1. Check the DLP Connector configuration file /etc/syncp-das/syncp-das.yml to ensure that all syncplicity.das.dlp.actionmq.* properties are configured correcty. See section Configure DLP Settings  on page  DLP Connector setup and management. Specifically:

    url matches the the correct ActionMQ in the PrivacyRegion URL for your company.

    queueName value matches the format "1.file.<storagevault_id>", where <storagevault_id> is the correct string (taken from the Manage StorageVault Settings page) with the "-" removed.

    jwtIssuer value matches the format "<storagevault_id>", where <storagevault_id> is the correct string (taken from the  Manage StorageVault Settings  page) with the "-" removed.

  2. If you updated any of these settings in the syncp-das.yml file, make sure to restart the DLP Connector service by entering

    sudo systemctl status syncp-das.service

  3. If all of these values are entered correctly, and you've restarted the DLP Connector service, and you are still getting this error, please contact Syncplicity Technical Support.
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