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Unable to upload or download files on Storage Connector 3.2 - "The bucket is in this region:<AWS region>"


Storage Connector start; although, it is not possible to upload or download files using it. The following error message appears in the logs (xxxxxxx: The bucket is in this region: <AWS Region>. Please use this region to retry the request (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 301; Error Code: 301 Moved Permanently; Request ID: <Request ID>; S3 Extended Request ID: <Encoded string>)


The issue is observed when is set to "s3" and for some reason the bucket region (set in*.region) does not correspond to the actual bucket. There are two known reasons:

  • Wrong region is accidentally configured.
  • During a connector upgrade there was no connection to the AWS metadata service. "us-east-1" has been set as a region.


In the syncp-storage.yml change the*.region for the affected bucket to the one mentioned in the exception. Then, restart the service.

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