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Upgrade DLP/AV Connector

If you are using an earlier version of the DLP Connector, please upgreade to the latest version. Antivirus scan is only supported by DPL/AV connector 2.x and higher.

See Latest client and server versions for information on the minimum and latest supported versions of the connector.

Check connector version

To check the version of your DLP/AV Connector, please run the following command:


If you are running DLP Connector 1.2.x or earlier, you will receive an "unable to connect" response, as earlier the default port for earlier versions is 9002. Instead run the command:


Download OVA

To upgrade, please download the latest OVA from here.

Install and configure new version

For installation and configuration instructions, see Install and configure the DLP/AV Connector.

For details on all configuration options, see DLP/AV configuration parameters.

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