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Storage Connector returns a timeout error for NFS-mounted storage

Problem description

When an NFS-mounted storage is unresponsive, Storage Connector may return a timeout error. The error message depends on the operation that timed out - below you can find a few examples:

  • Download Unknown Exception Cannot get file: /mnt/syncp/3fe/28/ during xxxx seconds
  • Cannot get free space left on device /mnt/syncp/ in xxxx seconds
  • Failed accessing storage folder /mnt/syncp/3fe/28/. Please check that folder exists and is accessible.
    TIMEOUT: Couldn't close the output stream in xxxx seconds

This is usually caused by the storage being inaccessible due to connection issues.

Problem resolution

Increase the value of the property in the syncp-storage.yml configuration file. 

To edit the file, type the following command in the console:

sudo vi /etc/syncp-storage/syncp-storage.yml

The default value of the fsTimeout property is set to 4 seconds. If you set the value to more than 8, write and flush timeouts are also increased to the same value. We recommend setting the value to not more than 30 seconds, if needed.

Increasing this setting may slow down the connector response time and operations. This should only be done if there are frequent cases of NFS unresponsiveness for periods of under 30 seconds.

See Storage Connector configuration parameters for additional information. 


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