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Unable to upload and download files from S3 storage


Upload and download operations fail from all clients. The log file on the Storage Connector server indicates an exception error.

2016-09-28 11:14:01,493 [E] [2] - Upload Generic error The request timestamp was outside the valid time$$anonfun$2.applyOrElse(AtmosClient.scala:113) ~[syncp-storage.syncp-storage-]


The time on the Storage Connector server is not synchronized with the S3 storage. Storage Connector verifies the uploads with a GET command, and the S3 storage requires the GET command in a specific time window. When the command arrives with a time stamp outside this window, the storage server suspects it as an attack and prevents upload/download operations.


Check the timeserver settings and verify that both Atmos server and Storage Connector are synchronized to the same time server. 

  • To update the time immediately, run Ntpdate
  • To setup the time on the Storage Connector server manually, run the following commands.

    service syncp-storage stop
     date -s “28 Sep 2016 11:14:08“ (the time to match the Atmos sever)
     service syncp-storage start
     tail -f /var/log/syncp-storage/storage-YYYY-MM-DD.log
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