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Start the Storage Connector service

Once you have configured the Storage Connector service and log settings, it is time to start the Storage Connector service. Start the Storage Connector software on each of the Storage Connector servers using the following command:

If the OS is CentOS 7.X, use:

sudo systemctl start syncp-storage

If the OS is CentOS 6.X, use:

sudo service syncp-storage start

After the start of syncp-storage service, check the logs to make sure that there is no error in the configuration and the service started without any problem. The Syncplicity software logs its activity under /var/log/syncp-storage.

The base software installation process has been completed. At this time, you can verify the installation as described in the Verify the Installation article.

After the verification, the next step is to point the Syncplicity account to the Storage Connector URL, which is described in the Adding and Editing StorageVaults article.

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