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Deploy the Storage Connector OVF template

After you download the Storage Connector OVA file, you use the VMware vSphere client to deploy the Storage Connector virtual machine.


  1. Use the VMware vSphere Client to connect to the ESXi server where you want to deploy the Storage Connector VM.
  2. Click File > Deploy OVF Template... and browse to the OVA file that you downloaded.
  3. Accept the EULA and follow the Deploy OVF Template wizard to configure the amount of memory, CPU cores, and disk space as follows.

    Virtual hardware Minimum requirement
     RAM  8GB
    Intel Xeon E5 Family processors, 2.20 GHz 8 virtual cores
    HDD 50GB
  4. Wait for the deployment process to complete and start the Storage Connector virtual machine.
  5. Use the VM console to log in as user syncp with password onprem.
    The administrative account with sudo privileges called syncp is created in the virtual machine by default. The default password for that account is onprem. You must change the password immediately after logging in to the VM. 
  6. In the VM console, type the passwd command.
  7. Change the password to comply with the following complexity requirements:
    • At least 14 characters.
    • At least one of each of the four available character types: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
    • Do not reuse the last 5 passwords.
    • At least 5 characters must be different from the previous password.

NOTE: After the initial installation, you are responsible for maintaining the operating system on the virtual machine, which includes staying current with OS updates and bug fixes.

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