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Isilon Storage Configuration

If you use Isilon storage as the backend, you need to perform the following configuration procedure before you install Storage Connector.

  1. Create a directory on EMC Isilon cluster where you want to store the Syncplicity data. This should be done via an ssh session to the Isilon Cluster.
    Example: /ifs/syncp-data
  2. Configure the permissions on the directory via an ssh session to the Isilon Cluster.
    chown 498:499 /ifs/syncp-data
    chmod 770 /ifs/syncp-data
    The commands lock down security access, specifically for the “syncp” and “syncp-storage” users.
  3. Create NFS Export via the WebUI.
    The following screen shows the basic export settings that lock the export down to the Storage Connectors. Add the IP addresses of the Storage Connectors in the appropriate fields. The and are example IP addresses of the Storage Connectors.  Your IP addresses will be different.
    All other export settings should be left as the defaults and not change.

  4. If the Storage Connector is in the DMZ zone (Internet side of the firewall) and Isilon storage is inside of the firewall, you need to verify that specific ports are opened on the firewall to allow access via NFS from the Storage Connectors to the EMC/Isilon Storage.
    This does not apply if the Isilon Storage is not behind a firewall.
  5. Refer to topic Installing the Storage Connector, task 6b to check the NFS mount to the Isilon Storage.

This completes the basic configuration of the EMC Isilon Storage for the Syncplicity on-Premise Storage Connector.

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