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About Syncplicity Connector for SharePoint

The Syncplicity Connector for SharePoint allows Syncplicity Enterprise Edition users to access documents in Microsoft SharePoint Document Libraries. Users can perform actions such as browse, upload, download, delete, rename, and check in and check out from their mobile devices.

Administrators can have users’ Syncplicity accounts prepopulated with bookmarks that link to specific SharePoint sites, as described in the SharePoint mobile access policies article. Alternatively, instead of creating bookmarks, administrators can communicate specific SharePoint URLs to individual users and they can then add the site to their own devices.

The Connector itself acts as an intermediary to users on the public Internet to allow secure SharePoint access without requiring the user to VPN into the corporate network.

To ensure IT retains control of corporate files, devices using the Connector can be controlled through Syncplicity policies and all actions performed by users through the Connector are audited and logged.

The Connector is installed within your company’s corporate network, either in the DMZ or semi-private network tier.

Refer to the Syncplicity Connector for SharePoint Installation and Configuration Guide for more information. You can download the guide and release notes from the Downloads page, which is accessible by clicking admin then downloads.

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