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Deploying Storage Connector in Cloud environments

About Syncplicity StorageVaults

Please read About Syncplicity StorageVaults and private storage before reading this article. The information in this article pertains to installing the Storage Connector in a Cloud environment. If installing the Storage Connector within your on-premise environment, see the on-premise Prerequisites for Storage Connector Installation article.

To configure Syncplicity StorageVaults, you need at minimum two Storage Connector instances. Additional Storage Connectors can be deployed for scalability and high availability purposes.

Before installing Storage Connector, make sure your cloud environment meets the following prerequisites:

  • Cloud Storage Requirements
  • Virtual Machine Requirements
  • Operating System Requirements
  • Network Configuration

Cloud Storage Requirements

Storage Connector supports the following storage types for the Cloud deployment:

  • Amazon S3 storage
  • Microsoft Azure blob storage
  • Google Cloud Storage


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